Spring 2022 Catalog

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Ages 3+


Written and illustrated by Noa Kelner

Baby sisters can be quite a bother, especially when you’re trying to play a game, or explore new lands!  

Kids will love the adventurous story and gorgeous illustrations, while parents will connect with the story of how siblings find their way to each other in a loving way.
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Gili cover for web.jpg

Ages 4+


Written by Iris Argaman, Illustrated by Aya Gordon Noy

Gili is a collector. He keeps his treasures in his pockets, where you can find coils, screws, rocks, pine cones and wheels. With Gili, a coil is never just a coil and the things he hides in his pockets often open the door to new adventures.
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Age 5+


Written by Miri Chanoch, Illustrated by Bernat Muntes

Granda, Morris and Me is a heartwarming story about a loving relationship between a boy and his grandfather. When the time comes to say goodbye, the ever expanding sea of love is already so vast that we have no doubt that grandpa will always live on in the boy's memory and heart.

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Kingeroo cover.JPG

Ages 3+


Written and illustrated by Ora Eyal

When Kingeroo wakes from his royal sleep, he finds that all his books, his toys, even his breakfast, is tainted by black stains! How COULD the servants have let this happen?  Or perhaps he just needs his glasses cleaned? Kids will delight in the story of this haughty little king.
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Age 3+


Written by Maya Meitav, Illutrated by Aviel Basil

64,000 copies sold in Israel alone!
A little boy wants to know "What does this do?" about everything and keeps asking his mother.

Kids and parents will identify with this familiar question-answer interaction and the sweet relationship between a creative little boy and his mom.

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Oogbo cover for web.jpg

Ages 2+


Written by Ora Eyal

Over 100,000 copies sold in Israel alone!

Oogbo is a classic story in which a little girl pretends that her chair is a dog. The story is brilliant in its simplicity and the way it connects to the imaginary games played by children. 

*It is possible to license only the text of this title sna create new illustrations.

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Age 5+

Roni coverfor web.jpg


Written by Miri Rosovsky, illustrated by Merav Salomon and Shahar Kober

A series of four first reader books in comics style.

An innovative series for beginner readers designed for reading together – adults and children. The simple text in the comics bubbles is read by beginner readers and the rest of the story by adults. The stories are based on the spirited character of Roni Macaroni, a girl full of pizzaz and humor, and on adventures from her daily life.

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Age 2+


Written and illustrated by Orit Bergman

120,000 copies sold in Israel alone!

A beautiful bedtime story based on the well-known game Simon Says, in which child and parent find an imaginative and playful way to say goodbye to the day's activities and welcome the peaceful night. All toys are instructed to do as they are told by their little master, or else - go to sleep. 

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Ages 3+


Written and illustrated by Orit Bergman

Who of us hasn't wondered what our pet does when we're not home?
When the family in this book leaves for work and school each morning, Seymour the dog stays home alone. But what his owners don't know is he's actually having quite a blast with his friends.
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heart cover for web.jpg

Ages 8-12


Written and illustrated by Dina Argov

What do I love about myself?  What am I grateful for? What would I like to change about my life?

The Heart Book is an inspiring gift for girls, where they are invited to reflect upon themselves, their strengths, their wishes. The book is richly drawn and includes forty drawings by artist Dina Argov.

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Age 2+


Written and illustrated by Orit Bergman

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Pinky for web.jpg

Age 2+


Written by Shula Modan and illustrated by Alona Frankel

300,000 copies sold in Israel alone!
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A story that turns every finger into an actor, with the troupe of finger puppets happily staging a show about the search for the missing Miss Pinky, while learning all about fingers.

*A set of finger puppets is included in each book

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